Online coin toss algorithm to master the game of coin toss

Disc jockey algorithm Used by most professional players when investing and making money from online bookmakers. Other than great effectiveness, these magical experiences are extremely simple and easy to implement, making it easy for players to apply.

Let’s also learn all the hitting strategies Online disc jockey Help beginners earn their first bonus in a snap here.
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What is the coin toss algorithm?

Xoc disc famous as a form of betting with a set of bowls, plates and 4 double-sided coins familiar to Vietnamese people. Besides the traditional form of coin toss, online coin toss is becoming a trend favored by the majority of players in the market.

So what is the algorithm of disc jockey? Basically, this is the way you use to predict and analyze the results of 4 double-sided coins in betting.

On players’ forums, many coin toss algorithms are used and spread, but not all of them are really effective.

Instead of learning all the great and winning strategies published by other “players”, we recommend that you just apply the tricks that work for you.

Top 8 most effective experiences in playing disc toss

As shared above, below is a summary of 8 standard lottery prediction experiences that do not need to be adjusted by a team of experts who have diligently researched and built with verification from the gaming community.

Understand clearly the even and odd ratio in the coin toss game

Odd even ratio or mathematical probability when playing dice is extremely important because it is the basis to help players predict results more accurately than ever.

With 4 red and white double-sided coins, you may encounter the following situations:

  • Even numbers: 4 white, 4 red, 2 red 2 white.
  • Odd doors: 3 white 1 red and 3 red 1 white.
  • Over: 3 red, 1 white and 4 red.
  • Under: 3 white, 1 red and 4 white.

Therefore, it is easy to see that, whether you choose to bet even/odd or over/under, your chances of winning are 50:50.

If for a long time a door does not appear and causes this ratio to decrease, do not hesitate to invest massively so as not to miss the opportunity to have 102 fortunes.

Bet according to the even prediction of the coin toss game from the experts

Master in disc jockey are a few players who have a lot of real combat experience, have studied coin toss for many years with a deep understanding. In addition, a master is also a bettor who wins continuously when predicting 100% correct results of 4 coins without using any cheating tricks.

And of course, in a game, if you recognize who is the master, the ability to follow, make money and become rich will not be difficult.

In practical terms, when you’re stuck at the door and you don’t know where to put your money, you just have to take a leap of faith by doing exactly what the pros have done to take advantage of your talent and luck. Day.
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Use folding tactics 

Since time immemorial, every gambler has known folding as a strategy of using tight capital to ensure your profits.

So what is urgent? This type of bet doubles the capital of the previous game until you win.

The reason for this way of betting is because with just one correct guess, the player can recover all the capital previously spent and receive a huge unexpected bonus.

Like the following example:

Game 1: Bet on even 1 bet and lose.

Game 2: Still bet money on even numbers but played 2 bets and still lost.

Game 3: Continue placing money on even numbers with 3 bets and win.

So, in the end, you always collect a certain amount of bonus money depending on the bonus rate set by the house.

Play according to the rules of multipliers

Similar to the multiplier rule, but the multiplier rule has less risk and a much lower basic capital requirement.

Accordingly, if in the previous game you bet 1 and lost, then in the next game you will continue to increase the bet by 2, 3,… until you win.

So although it is not as rewarding as a folded x2, it consumes exponentially less cash capital.

The situation of running out of money in the middle of playing will no longer happen if you choose this effective way to play.

Gradually increase your betting capital when playing online coin toss

Most beginners when getting acquainted with coin toss tend to play big and win or lose on the first play. However, this is a wrong action that leads to suicide, leaving you in an irreparably dangerous situation

So how do you invest money correctly and effectively? Instead of going all out at first, the advice is to gradually increase your bets over time and your experience level.

The more experienced a player is, the more he knows how to predict correctly, the more he can win and vice versa.

Complying with this rule will definitely help you completely protect the small amount of startup capital that you have struggled to get.

Do not follow the crowd when playing coin toss

Online Xoc Dia is the clearest proof that the majority opinion is not always correct.

You must remember that coin toss is a combination of luck and the ability to analyze and predict results, so betting only on intuition is completely wrong.

Instead of betting like other players to help you feel safe, you have to bet money based on your own predictions and calculations.

Don’t let inaccuracies affect your chances of making hard-to-find money.

The best solution when you don’t know which bet to choose is to bet money like a master and be lucky to win continuously in this game.

Maintain your mentality

It is no coincidence that psychology greatly affects each player’s ability to analyze and win.

As a result, bettors are always calm and alert and, based on the bookmaker’s string of results, always have more winnings than usual.

That’s why the next best coin tossing strategy that we want to share with you is to maintain your mentality whether you win or lose.

Don’t let anger or excitement cause you to make bad and incorrect decisions.

Method of raising and breaking bridges in disc tossing

Different from playing on the coin toss, in some special situations, players also need to know how to break the ball and change the bet in a reasonable way.

Specifically, the longer the chain of rules, the more inaccurate and easier it is to change into a form different from the original. Therefore, if you detect signs that the bridge is ending, you should quickly change your betting options before receiving a bitter ending.

Necessary notes when using the disc shock algorithm

So I have shared with you the 8 best winning tips for playing coin toss that veteran players apply every day.

However, there are still some important notes you need to pay attention to when choosing to combine these methods as follows:

  • Setting your stop limit in advance helps you protect your limited startup capital.
  • Don’t try to eat sticky rice when you lose, but stop playing to “revenge” tomorrow.
  • Combine fun and rest effectively, ensuring health and the ability to analyze and think accurately.


Disc jockey algorithm In essence, it is a method to help players improve their chances of winning every day. Hopefully with the sharing from bookie experts Hi88 Helps players understand the rules of parity in coin toss.

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