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Betting on tennis or the sport of tennis is currently attracting a large number of bettors to participate. This is a form of prize-winning entertainment that appears everywhere dealer Kubet with countless attractive bets for you to choose from. Let’s take a look at some useful information about this subject as well as gain experience in playing effectively through the following article.

Introduction to tennis betting

Tennis or tennis betting is one of the sports that many bettors love and choose to bet on. Because it has a fairly simple and accessible way to play, and the matches are very intense and attractive, not inferior to football.

Tennis betting is a type of betting based on predictions about the outcome of matches, including singles and team matches. There you will have to calculate and analyze the information to come up with the most appropriate prediction results. Not only that, the house also offers many diverse betting options for you to choose from.

If your prediction is correct, your bet points will be doubled at the corresponding rate and you will receive the correct bonus amount according to regulations at the house. Tennis is a sport that can be played in many forms such as: Men’s team match, Women’s team match, Women’s singles or men’s singles.

Tennis betting is considered a fairly balanced type of betting because the matches are guaranteed by the rules, there is absolutely no selling. For those participating in betting, tennis is considered much easier to play than other sports. However, you need to consult your own experiences and strategies to apply to this subject.

Learn detailed rules of online tennis betting

To avoid the situation of incorrectly analyzing odds and placing incorrect bets, you first need to clearly understand the regulations related to this form of betting, specifically:

Popular regulations

All bets will be valid until the match ends. In case the match is canceled or the referee requests a replay, the entire transaction will be canceled. If the match time is increased or decreased to affect winning or losing, your bet will not be counted.

Unlike football, in tennis betting if one side does not play according to schedule, bets related to that team will be canceled. In addition, if the location of the match is changed, your bet will not be considered valid.

Calculate tennis betting scores

In addition to understanding the basic rules above, you also need to clearly understand how points are calculated in tennis. Tennis is a subject with a rather complex and complicated scoring system compared to many other sports. Accordingly, a match will consist of 3 to 5 sets with each set having 6 games.

Whichever side plays all 6 games first and is 2 games ahead of their opponents will win. Regarding the specific calculation of points in tennis betting, it will be 15, 30, 40. After serving, if the first team wins, the score will be 15 – 0, and so on, increasing the score to 30 – 0 if winning. next time. Conversely, if the other two teams win the game, the score will be balanced at 15 – 15. The team that wins 3 consecutive games will add up to 40 points.

The most popular types of tennis betting odds

To meet the growing needs of bettors as well as bring more excitement to this sport, bookmakers often offer many different types of tennis bets for you to freely choose from. Depending on your strategy and financial condition, you can choose one of the following bets to place money:

Open bets

One of the most popular types of tennis betting that many people choose is the open bet. The reason why people choose this bet is because it is simple and has a high winning rate. Even new players can understand and win money when playing this bet.

When participating, you only need to predict which player or team will win the entire match. The odds of the two teams will be different based on their strength, physical strength and current form. If you win, you will receive extremely attractive prize money.

Handicap bet

Just like open bets, for this type of handicap tennis betting you will have to predict the result of the team or player who will win the match. The bookmaker will offer different handicaps, usually the stronger team will handicap the weaker team to create balance. However, to be able to bet accurately, you need to consult the most detailed information related to that player or team.
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Bet on over/under

Tennis betting also has the form of over/under or Over/Under. Accordingly, the house will give a specific score for the whole match, you are responsible for betting based on whether the final result of that match is more (Over) or less (under) than that score.

Revealing unbeaten tennis betting experience from experts

In general, tennis betting is relatively simple and anyone can participate. However, to be able to bet effectively and win big, not everyone can do it. You need to learn a few great tips below to increase your winning rate.

Master the rules

The first tennis betting experience you need to remember is to clearly understand the rules and regulations at each house. Accordingly, you need to understand how to calculate points, field conditions, weather, etc. From there, you can easily make standard assessments to make more accurate betting decisions.

Carefully study the tennis players and tennis teams competing

Before placing a bet, you need to take the time to analyze factors related to the match such as: Is that player in good form or not, What are the strengths of both sides, What is their spirit,… Thu Thu The more detailed this information you collect, the higher your prediction accuracy rate will be.

Reasonable capital allocation

The experience of playing tennis betting that many experts want to share with you is allocating capital appropriately. Because tennis is a very volatile sport, in case you want to change the bet level, it will be canceled.

So please carefully calculate the match and allocate capital appropriately. Avoid the situation of going all in on a certain match and then eventually losing and losing all the money you have. It’s best to only bet about 30 – 40% of the total bet amount to ensure safety. If you lose too much, you should stop and wait for an opportunity the next day, don’t be greedy to continue winning.


The above article by Sport Kubet has shared all the latest information about tennis betting along with detailed rules and regulations. Please apply the above strategies immediately to make the most accurate tennis betting decisions.

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