What are three pairs of pine trees? Tips for playing when you own special cards

For those of you who have a passion for playing cards, the term three pairs of pine is certainly no longer unfamiliar. Because of the useful and valuable features of this set in every card game. So what are three pairs of pines and what cards can be blocked in the game? Let’s Kubet Find detailed answers and go through the content below. 

Learn about what are the three pairs of pine trees?

In the card game Tien Len, what are the three pairs of pine? It can be simply understood that three pairs in a row are worth less than four of a kind and higher than a dragon straight. Three pairs of cards can also be understood as three pairs of similar cards and each pair will have the same value. In order for a player to own three pairs in a row, they must arrange three pairs of identical cards.

And it is required that this set of 3 must be in consecutive order, without being mixed or interrupted by any one piece. In the card game Tien Len Mien Nam, if any player owns 3 pairs of cards, they can use them to attack the opponent, or block the 2nd card. 

What pieces can three pairs of pine trees cut?

The above information has answered for you what are the three pairs of pine trees? Besides, in Tien Len card game, when the player holding the three pairs of pine pairs will have the right to cut smaller cards. And the special thing is that strong decks like dragon hall, hall, or four of a kind cannot cut off three pairs of pine. 

In fact, three pairs of cards can cut 3 pairs of similar cards if they are of smaller value and four of a kind. Therefore, if the player holds this deck of cards in hand, the odds of winning will be extremely high. In addition, three pairs of pine trees can also be used to steal other players’ 2 pairs and cut off lower value 3 pairs. 

Some tips for playing when you own a card with three pairs of cards

After understanding what the three pairs of information are? so that players who own this deck will have higher winning efficiency. Here are some tips on how to bet correctly when you have three pairs of cards and have a higher chance of winning. 

Tips for arranging articles 

In each game, the process of arranging cards appropriately has a direct impact on the player’s winning or losing results. When the cards are fully distributed to each member, you first need to rearrange the cards so that they are easiest to observe. This can help players analyze cards and come up with reasonable playing strategies.

If you skip the process of arranging the cards, then usually that game has a relatively high chance of winning. Because your deck of cards is placed in a messy position, there are many odd cards, no cards or three pairs appear, it is unbalanced and analyzing the cards becomes difficult. This will not provide an effective method of playing cards.
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Apply the tactic of luring the opponent into attacking the 2nd piece

When you hold three pairs of pine trees in your hand, you can use this set of three to block your opponent. First of all, you should observe the playing process to see if any member plays 2 or not. If piece 2 has not appeared, at this time you can apply the strategy of luring the opponent into playing piece 2. This is also an effective way to play three pairs. 

Players can bet on high-value cards after card 2, such as A or K. This can force other members to play 2 to gain control of the hand. As long as any member plays 2, you can take advantage of the opportunity to use three tight pairs and win. 

Analyze whether the article is good or bad 

This secret can be simply understood as after dealing the cards, the player observes and rearranges the cards and predicts whether the cards are good or bad. If you feel that the cards are not good and the possibility of winning is not high, you can use three pairs of cards to play first. At this time, the player will have the right to play cards and can run small odd numbers.

When the player has won the right to go first, when applying pressure on the opponent’s 2 piece fails. At this point, you should split the other pair apart to force another member to appear with a 2. If you don’t want to split, then analyze your cards to use the strategy of playing the card to come first without necessarily cutting the piece. 2. 


In the above content, we have fully answered the terminology What are three pairs of pine trees??Hopefully through the article you can better understand the information as well as some tips for playing three pairs of pine in the most effective way. 

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