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Welcome to English to Assamese Translation website. Here you can translate any language to Assamese or English for absolutely free!

Here at English to Assamese Translation, you can translate anything and everything accurately from English to Assamese or Assamese to English for free!

I have also mentioned various other mediums for English translation to Assamese like apps, Google and Microsoft (Bing) platforms which will be very much beneficial for you.

English to Assamese Translation

Welcome to EnglishToAssameseTranslation.in – your translation buddy! If you are facing any difficulty in translating English to Assamese then let me remind you that there’s nothing to worry about English to Assamese Translation now.

EnglishToAssameseTranslation.in is the best English to Assamese Translation website in Assam with an experience of several years!

If you search on Google English to Assamese Translation, then to your disappointment it shows only English to Bengali Translation and not English to Assamese Translation.

But no worries now, we’ve got your back! You can now convert English to Assamese with a few clicks.

By using this translator you can do the below translations:

  • English to Assamese Translation
  • Assamese to English Translation
  • Hindi to Assamese Translation
  • Bengali to Assamese Translation

English to Assamese Translation Google

Google Translator is one of the most visited translation tools in the whole wide world. It supports almost every possible language out there in the world.

But when you type on Google “English To Assamese Translator” or “Google Translate English to Assamese” then you will be surprised to see that it shows Bangla to English Translation and not Assamese to English Translation tool.

But after the 2022 update, it does show English to Assamese translation, which is very overwhelming.

English to Assamese Translation

English to Assamese Translation App

There are hundreds of English to Assamese Translation mobile apps that can translate or convert the English language to the Assamese language within seconds. But, keep in mind the fact that only a few of them work free of cost. Most of these transaction apps are dictionary apps in disguise. They do not translate anything or in fact English to Assamese

Downloading these translation apps may many times be a mere waste of time. So to help people easily translate English to Assamese for free within seconds without downloading any app, we have created this website English To Assamese Translation

You can translate single Assamese words as well as full English to Assamese sentences. The choice is yours.

If you however want to download any app for Assamese Translation then you can download the Microsoft Translator from the play store as well as Apple Store. If possible, we would suggest you use this website for your Assamese Translation to English which is also a Microsoft translator that beautifully converts English to Assamese Translation for free within seconds.

Download Microsoft Translator from Google Play Store

English to Assamese

Many people get confused while typing in English and converting them into Assamese. This video will help them in translating from English to Assamese and clear their doubts regarding English – Assamese Translation.

English to Assamese Voice Translation

If you want to translate English to Assamese using just your voice then EnglishToAssameseTranslation.in is the perfect website for you where you can easily translate English into Assamese by just using your voice. You can follow the below mentioned steps to use the Assamese to English Voice Translator:

Steps to follow:

  • Go to English To Assamese Translation and open the website
  • Type something on the translation bar and wait for the word to convert
  • You’ll see that a mic appears on the upper section of the translation bar
  • Click on the mic and speak the word or sentence that you want to convert from English to Assamese or from Assamese to English.

Microsoft Translator Assamese to English

Language limitations can obstruct effective communication and restrict access to information in the globally connected world of today. But closing these gaps is now simpler than ever thanks to the development of sophisticated language translation technology like Microsoft Translator.

With its robust English to Assamese translation capabilities, Microsoft Translator helps users break down communication barriers and engage with a larger audience. The functions and advantages of Microsoft Translator Assamese to English is covered in this article, along with how it promotes effective communication.

English to Assamese Translation Virtual Keyboards

English to Assamese translation will require you to type in the words in English and it will automatically translate it into Assamese language. This website (English to Assamese Translation) does supports the feature of virtual keyboards for several other languages like Hindi, Bangla, Marathi, etc.

You can take advantage of this virtual keyboard for your daily English to Assamese Translation which is hassle free and doesn’t cost you any money. Just select the language you want to translate, hit on translate and see the magic happen!

Few examples of where you can use this English to Assamese Translation Virtual Keyboards:

  • English to Assamese: This translator supports English virtual keyboard and with the help of this virtual keyboard, you can easily type in English and it will automatically translate into Assamese
  • Hindi to Assamese: This translator supports Hindi virtual keyboard and with the help of this virtual keyboard, you can easily type in Hindi and it will automatically translate into Assamese
  • Bengali to Assamese: This translator supports Bengali virtual keyboard and with the help of this virtual keyboard, you can easily type in Bengali and it will automatically translate into Assamese
  • Assamese to English: This translator supports Assamese virtual keyboard and with the help of this virtual keyboard, you can easily type in Assamese and it will automatically translate into English

But sometimes, typing with these keyboard is difficult and for that reason we highly recommend you to use the voice translation feature for English to Assamese Translation to convert one language to the other.

English – Assamese Grammar Translation

Like any other language, Assamese grammar plays a very important role. Without knowing Assamese Grammar, you won’t be able to read or write or translate any sentence or word in Assamese.

To help you out, this English to Assamese Translator has the support of English – Assamese Grammar Translation. Now, you’ll be able to easily understand Assamese Grammar and its various components by using the Microsoft Bing Translator in this website and perform English Translation to Assamese.

Importance of Assamese Language in Jobs

Few years back, in 2020, the Assam Government announced that in order to get a government job in the state of Assam, you’ll have to know how to read and write Assamese, i.e., the State Government will make Assamese language compulsory for someone who is intending or aspiring to get a government job in Assam.

They also stated that Assamese will be made a compulsory subject for all the students upto Class 10. So, the students who has been studying outside the state must now know Assamese in order to get a government job in the state.

But there’s nothing to worry. We’ve got your back. Simply use this English to Assamese Translation website for all your school and other translation works. Also, if you’re facing any issue while typing, you can also use the feature of Voice Translate English to Assamese.

For the tourists, this English to Assamese Translation website will be of much help while interacting with all the local people of the state. If this helped you any way, don’t forget to share your experience with us either by writing us a mail or commenting on this post 🙂

Important of English to Assamese Translation in Business

As stated by Sanjay Ray in one of his LinkedIn post titled ‘The Importance of Assamese Translation Services for Businesses‘:

“Assamese is a language spoken by over 15 million people worldwide, primarily in the Indian state of Assam. As businesses expand into new markets and reach out to a diverse audience, the importance of Assamese translation services cannot be overstated.

Assamese has a unique writing system and grammar structure, making translation a challenging process. The language has several vowel sounds and consonant clusters, and its script, Assamese script, has 11 vowels and 33 consonants. Translating Assamese to English or vice versa requires a deep understanding of the language’s nuances and cultural context……..

In conclusion, Assamese translation services are essential for businesses looking to expand into new markets and reach out to a diverse audience. The language’s unique writing system and grammar structure, combined with its cultural variations, make translation a challenging process.

Accurate, efficient and culturally sensitive translations are crucial for building trust and respect with Assamese-speaking clients. Scripts-terra offers accurate, efficient and affordable Assamese translation services by expert native speakers, ensuring that your business communication is clear, effective and culturally appropriate.”

Note: Sanjay Ray is a Bengali, Hindi and Russian certified Translator PROZ PRO & mentor with 71 WWA, member ATA, PhD. He has more than 4000 followers and over 500+ connections on LinkedIn.

About Assamese Language

Assamese (/ˌæsəˈmiːz/[4]), also Asamiya ([ɔxɔmija] অসমীয়া),[5] is an Indo-Aryan language spoken mainly in the north-eastern Indian state of Assam, where it is an official language, and it serves as a lingua franca of the wider region.[6] The easternmost Indo-Iranian language[citation needed], it has over 15 million speakers according to Ethnologue.[1]

Nefamese, an Assamese-based pidgin in Arunachal Pradesh, was used in as the lingua franca till it was replaced by Hindi; and Nagamese, an Assamese-based Creole language,[7] continues to be widely used in Nagaland. The Kamtapuri language of Rangpur division of Bangladesh and the Cooch Behar and Jalpaiguri districts of India are linguistically closer to Assamese, though the speakers identify with the Bengali culture and the literary language.[8] In the past, it was the court language of the Ahom kingdom from the 17th century.[9]

Along with other Eastern Indo-Aryan languages, Assamese evolved at least before the 7th century CE[10] from the middle Indo-Aryan Magadhi Prakrit.[11] Its sister languages include AngikaBengaliBishnupriya ManipuriChakmaChittagonianHajongRajbangsiMaithiliRohingya and Sylheti. It is written in the Assamese alphabet, an abugida system, from left to right, with many typographic ligatures.

(Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assamese_language)

English to Assamese Conversations

Assamese is one of the sweetest language in India and the conversations in Assamese is quite lovely. The Assamese Grammar is almost identical to other Indo-Aryan languages.

You can use this english to assamese translation for assamese conversation if you want to have any discussion in Assamese. If you want to chat in Assamese, you can use the voice translation or the virtual keyboard, and you will be easily able to understand whether the person is speaking English or Assamese.

Below are some commonly used Assamese Translation of English sentences with their meaning:

How to say:

  • Hello in Assamese: নমস্কাৰ – [Nomoskar]
  • I Love You in Assamese: মই তোমাক ভাল পাওঁ – [Moi tumak bhaal pau]
  • How Are You in Assamese: তোমাৰ ভাল নে? – [Tumar bhaal ne?]
  • What Are You Doing in Assamese: আপুনি কি কৰিছে? – [Apuni ki korise?]
  • Thank You or Thanks in Assamese: ধন্যবাদ – [Dhonyobaad]
  • I Miss You in Assamese: মই তোমাক মিছ কৰোঁ – [Moi tumak miss korisu]
  • Where Are You in Assamese: আপুনি ক’ত আছে? – [Apuni kot ase?]
  • Where is This Place in Assamese: এই ঠাইখন ক’ত আছে? – [Ei thai khon kot ase?]
  • You in Assamese: তুমি – [Tumi]
  • Good Morning in Assamese: সুপ্ৰভাত – [Xu-probhat]
  • Good Afternoon in Assamese: শুভ আবেলি – [Xubho abeli]
  • Good Night in Assamese: শুভ ৰাত্ৰি – [Xubho ratri]
  • Happy Birthday in Assamese: জন্মদিনৰ শুভ কামনা – [Jonmo dinor xubho kamona]
  • Beautiful in Assamese: ধুনীয়া – [Dhuniya]
  • Sorry in Assamese: ক্ষমা কৰিব – [Khyoma koribo]
  • What is Your Name in Assamese: আপোনাৰ নামটো কি? – [Apunar naam tu ki?]
  • Do You Know English in Assamese: আপুনি ইংৰাজী জানে নেকি? – [Apuni ingratiate jaane neki?]
  • I Don’t Know in Assamese: মই নাজানো – [Moi najanu]

List of Other Translations That Can Be Done in English to Assamese Translation

Bangla – AssameseKannada – Assamese
Bulgarian – AssameseKorean – Assamese
Chinese – AssameseKurdish – Assamese
Croatian – AssameseMarathi – Assamese
Czech – AssameseBurmese – Assamese
Dutch – AssameseNepali – Assamese
English – AssamesePersian – Assamese
Filipino – AssamesePortuguese – Assamese
French – AssamesePunjabi – Assamese
German – AssameseRussian – Assamese
Greek – AssameseSpanish – Assamese
Gujrati – AssameseTamil – Assamese
Hindi – AssameseTelugu – Assamese
Indonesian – AssameseTurkish – Assamese
Irish – AssameseUkrainian – Assamese
Italian – AssameseUrdu – Assamese
Japanese – AssameseVietnamese – Assamese

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