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How to translate from Assamese to English?

It is said that language is the bridge that brings people close to one another, and in today’s multicultural world, knowing multiple languages is not just a skill but a necessity.

There is no shortage of apps and websites today where you can look for any language around the world that you wish to learn, and most of these platforms being free is an added bonus! 

India is the land of unity in diversity, and the home to diverse regional languages. Unfortunately, most online platforms don’t have a translation system in place for regional languages like Assamese, Marathi, Bengali, etc.

In this article we have covered an unique and upcoming language translating website,, which allows you to seamlessly do Assamese to English Translation, be it through voice or text! 

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Assamese to English Language Translator App was designed with the idea to create an easy to use platform with a neat and simple interface that will help the user to translate without any extra hassle. The simple and minimalist design of English to Assamese Translation is very captivating indeed, and it does all that it promises!

The makers of English to Assamese Translation have worked hard and continuously to bring to its user the best experience, and that too free of cost! This app gives you the closest and most accurate translation from Assamese to English possible, seamlessly, and each time.

The user can use this translation app to translate texts and send them through messages or emails without any hassle at all. In fact, users can use this app to translate from Assamese to English and also from English to Assamese, as the app provides a free translation service for both languages! 

Both options are easily available to the user and they can choose either of the two according to their own needs. All of the options are available on the app itself in a simple format, and even people who are not very techno-savvy can easily use this app.

All the user needs to do is select the language of their choice as displayed on the app screen, and they can go ahead with the translation. 

Assamese to English Translation

If you have looked online for apps and websites to translate any text from Assamese to English, and failed, you are not the only one. There are few to none apps and websites online which offer an accurate and easy translation of Assamese to English.

Most translators that claim to do so are actually just Assamese dictionaries, which are not very helpful ultimately in the translation process. Unfortunately, even Google Translate does not offer an option to translate from Assamese to English, or vice versa. 

How Can I translate from Assamese to English? 

The English to Assamese Translation website is here to help end all your translation troubles. Using this website, you can easily translate any text from Assamese to English, and even from English to Assamese in the matter of a few seconds! 

This website has an in-built Assamese keyboard, which you can use to type in any text you want. This online keyboard becomes extremely helpful if you don’t have an Assamese keyboard in your phone.

Assamese to English Voice Translation

The website also offers an option to translate using your voice. This feature was added to help the user make the translation process more seamless and easier.

To access the voice translation feature, all you need to do is first write any word in the text box. This will display the microphone symbol in the upper corner of the screen. Click this symbol and speak into your phone’s microphone to carry out the translation process with ease. 

Virtual Keyboards for Assamese Translation

Having an Assamese keyboard on your phone is a blessing when it comes to translating from Assamese to any other language with ease. However, if you don’t have an Assamese keyboard on your phone, worry not.

This unique Assamese to English Translation website offers an in-built Assamese keyboard which you can use to translate any text from Assamese for a hassle-free experience. 

All you need to do is type in with the in-built Assamese keyboard, and the website will translate your text in mere minutes. If you still wish to download an Assamese keyboard for your phone itself, you will found many options to choose from in the Google Playstore or the Apple Appstore easily. 

Assamese Grammar to English Translation

Learning and knowing the grammar of any language is undoubtedly the most important aspect of learning and using any language properly. The correct grammar dictates the writing style and proper pronunciation of each language.

This language translation app translates from Assamese to English, and vice versa, with all the nuances of Assamese and English grammar, and produces the most closest and accurate translation each time. 

English to Assamese Conversations

The Assamese language is one of the most regal and lovely languages in India, and it is identical to many other Indo-Aryan languages. As such, conversations in Assamese are extremely lovely and charming.

If you are looking for an app/website that helps you speak in Assamese, is your new best friend! This voice translation option of this app allows you to speak into your phone’s microphone and translate conversations from Assamese to English with ease. 

Assamese Language Introduction

Assamese, or Okhomiya, is a language belonging to the Indo-Aryan family of languages. This language is spoken mostly in the northeastern state of Assam in India. In fact, it is the state language in Assam. With almost 23 million speakers, this language is extremely well-spread and acts as a binding force for the Assamese people. 

Pidgins and creoles of the Assamse language, like Nagamese in Nagaland, and Nefamese in Arunachal Pradesh are also widely used by people of the respective states.

The Rangpur division of Bangladesh and the Cooch Behar and Jalpaiguri districts of India speak a language very linguistically close to Assamese, even though the language technically spoken is Bengali and the people identify with the Bengali culture and lifestyle. 

Assamese as a language is said to have evolved from the middle Indo-Aryan Magadhi Prakrit, even before the 7th century CE. The Bengali, Chottagonian, Hajong, Rajbangshi & Manipuri languahes are some of the sister languages of Assamese. 

The Assamese script is written from left to right, in an abugida system. 

Is Assamese Language Important for Jobs? 

The Government of Assam announced in 2020 that a working knowledge of Assamese is mandatory for all applicants who wish to apply for jobs in the state of Assam. They also made the Assamese subject a mandatory subject for classes upto the 10th standard in the SEBA/HSLC school system. 

Any applicant who wishes to work for the Government of Assam needs to have both the reading and writing skills in Assamese. Applicants who did not study the Assamese language till Class 10, or out of state applicants, are not eligible to apply for government jobs in Assam. 

Assamese as a Compulsory Subject in all Schools of Assam

The decision to make Assamese a compulsory subject till class 10 in all SEBA schools was taken following the state cabinet’s decision to make Assamese a compulsory subject in all government schools of Assam.

This was done to promote the use of the state language of Assam among the youth, and keep them well versed in their local language. 


If you are someone who wishes to improve their knowledge of Assamese, or even someone who wish to translate texts from Assamse to English or vice versa, we suggest you this amazing Assamese to English Translation website.

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