Instructions on how to play Phom cards are simple and easy to understand from A to Z

To become a professional card player in the card game Phom, it is very important to learn how to play carefully. Whether you have played before or are just starting out, understanding the basic details of the rules, scoring and card arrangement will give you an advantage in the match. So, the article is below game 789bet will help you learn how play Phom cards most detailed and easy to understand. You will be guided from how to draw cards, arrange cards to how to calculate points and form phoms.

Bai Phom – An interesting game discovery

Phom Cards is a card game that many people search for and wonder about how to play. It is also known as Ta La card game, is one of the most popular and interesting card games in Vietnam. Phom cards originate from folklore and have been developed with many improvements to attract players.

When playing Phom, you need to capture your opponent’s cards to form a set called Phom. At the same time, you must also discard cards that have no value and cannot be used to create your own sets.

How to fully enjoy the fun of playing Phom cards?

Mastering the detailed Phom card game rules will help you have an advantage when participating. Specifically:

Basic ways to play Phom online – Important foundations

Phom card game uses a 52-card Tu deck. Each game has 2-4 participants. In each game, 3 people deal 9 cards and 1 person deals 10 cards.

The person with 10 cards will play first. These cards are considered trash. The next person can either take the previous person’s card or draw a card from the pile and play another card. Continue playing cards like that until someone buzzes, then the game ends.

After the game ends, except for the buzzer, the remaining 3 people count the points. 

Common term used in Phom card playing

In Phom, terminology is an important part to help increase playing efficiency. Terms such as Phom, odd card, venom need to be clearly understood. If there is no set of Phom, it is called mom. 

When you have 9 cards forming the Phom set, it will be called O. Taking a pin is when you capture a card before it’s your final turn to play. If you get a pin, you have to pay and the next person who gets the pin also has to pay. If you have played a card and someone wins, you will get a re-roll and add another turn.

Step-by-step instructions on how to play Phom cards for free

To join easily, follow the how-to instructions play Phom cards following details:

  • Step 1: Access the 789BET bookmaker using the official link and choose the correct link.
  • Step 2: Log in if you already have an account or register if you are new.
  • Step 3: After successfully logging in, select “Card game” on the home page interface.
  • Step 4: In the new interface, select “Phom” and then choose a table to join according to your preferences.

Valuable experience helps you succeed when playing Phom

When playing Phom, to achieve victory, apply these methods Play Phom cards online following experiences in a natural and understandable way:

Learn basic vocabulary and sentence techniques

One of the important skills when playing Phom is knowing how to bet. This helps you create Phom wax and Phom lines, thereby easily guiding your opponent to play as you wish. For example, when you want to play a pair of 6s, use a 5 to trick your opponent.

Gambling techniques to avoid getting caught

To avoid being fined a large amount of money when caught, be careful and memorize the cards correctly. Avoid letting your opponent take the pawn by playing alertly and clearly remembering the cards that have been played.

The strategy of playing cards is as strong as a snake

Fighting snakes is one of the effective strategies when playing Phom. However, it requires accurate assessment of your opponent’s card structure. This skill helps you easily capture or break the pin.
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Choose a favorable position in the Phom card game

An important experience is to choose a location with “favorable weather and land”. Playing position plays an important role in bringing luck to players. Play with less experienced players to easily choose a favorable position. This gives you an advantage in each move and the opportunity to win more money when sitting behind an inexperienced player.

These experiences will help you become a successful Phom player. However, remember that there is no strategy that guarantees 100% victory. The most important thing is to learn, practice and experience in practice to grasp the rules of the game well and develop your skills.


Above we have provided you with basic knowledge way play Phom cards along with common terms. Hopefully this information will be useful for you when participating in this game. To gain more experience and use the secret to winning big, don’t forget to visit the website 789BET ours.

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