Top 5 best free fish shooting games today

Play fish shooting is a familiar entertainment game, extremely popular in the past few years. Joining this game, you will experience a vast, unique contemporary world with realistic images and sounds. Especially these are all game fish shooting online It’s free so every player can try it out.

General overview of the fish shooting game

Fish shooting game is a popular electronic entertainment game in entertainment centers or on the internet. In this game, players use guns to shoot at fish on the screen and receive bonuses corresponding to the value of each fish they destroy.

Basically, fish shooting games have many different levels of difficulty, from small fish to big fish, dragons, octopuses or even dolphins. Overall, this game attracts players with its beautiful graphics, vivid sound and simple but attractive gameplay.

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Top 5 best online fish shooting games

If you are interested in a reputable fish shooting game to earn money and exchange rewards, you can refer to and try the following game portals:


When mentioning the current online fish shooting playground, it is impossible not to mention ICá, an online game for up to 4 people. In this game, players will use their gun, along with the amount of bullets available on the system, to hunt moving fish. Any player who can destroy many types of fish will be rewarded with a worthy reward.

Here, players will meet more than 11 unique fish species, and 4 mermaids will be effective companions for you on your fish hunting journey. In particular, if everyone has the ability to shoot and kill the golden dragon, you will be rewarded with a huge reward.

Besides, this playground also has other attractive advantages such as:

  • Join the fish hunting community: You can chat with other players, creating a vibrant exchange atmosphere.
  • Lucky wheel: Spin the lucky wheel to have a chance to receive many attractive gifts such as gold coins, phone cards, and more.
  • Great graphics and unique effects: Experience the game with beautiful graphics and unique effects, creating a great entertainment experience.

Shoot fish to earn coins

Fish shooting for coins is one of the attractive free fish hunting games that has many fans. Here, the game portal provides two flexible game modes: single shooting and simultaneous shooting with 4 players.

In this fish shooting game, you can also experience the feature of inviting more friends to join in hunting fish together. At the same time, playing daily will help players receive more gold coins with outstanding features of Fish Shooting for Coins such as:

  • Free coins every time you play: You will receive a free amount of coins every time you start the game.
  • Offline practice mode: You can freely play and practice without an internet connection, bringing convenience when you want to practice fish shooting skills.
  • Diverse types of guns: The game provides many types of guns so you can choose according to your preferences during fish hunting.

Pirates shoot fish

Fish hunting pirates is a creative, new online fish shooting game with simple but dramatic gameplay. At the same time, the game portal supports a variety of things to help players more conveniently shoot fish and receive rewards.

This game offers a large hunting space with 30 different maps. From there, it can create conditions for players to freely hunt for fish and collect gifts. In particular, there are also many different types of guns for players to easily hunt fish with some outstanding advantages such as:

  • 5 Player Support Modes: Fish hunting members can choose between modes such as Aim, Auto, Boost, Fixed and Super Cannon to optimize their fish hunting experience.
  • Bonus gold and diamonds daily and when leveling up: Logging in every day will give you the opportunity to receive gold and diamonds, increasing the fun and motivation to play.
  • Play comfortably without an internet connection: You can experience the game anywhere and anytime without having to connect to the internet, helping you relax and entertain at all times.

Fishing Diary

Fishing Diary is one of the fish shooting games to earn money and exchange prizes that has a large number of fans. The unique feature of this game is that all of our fish hunting trips are carefully recorded in a diary.

In this fish shooting game, players will be equipped with 9 types of guns with different strengths and shooting speeds, making it easy to face giant fish in exchange for rewards. In addition, Fishing Diary also has many other advantages to support participating players such as:

  • Throw bombs to catch all the fish in an area: The bombing strategy will help players catch all types of fish in a specific area.
  • Play both online and offline: Players can freely participate in the fish hunting experience anywhere, even without an internet connection.
  • Bonus points when leveling up: Leveling up not only brings new challenges but is also rewarded with attractive bonus points.
  • Support on Android, Windows and Phone operating systems: This game can only be experienced on devices using Android operating systems andWindows Phone.

3D fish boss

Fish Boss 3D is a free fish shooting game with amazing 3D graphics, providing a vivid visual experience like you are exploring under the ocean. In this game, players will participate in dramatic matches, when each player competes to shoot and kill big fish to get the most points.

Just log in with your Facebook account, players can receive attractive gifts with many new features such as:

  • Invite friends to play and get rewards: Share your experience on Facebook and get special rewards when you invite friends to join.
  • Update a diverse arsenal: The game continuously provides new guns so players can always have a new and exciting experience.
  • Organize regular promotional events: The game organizes special events, creating opportunities for players to participate and receive valuable gifts.

How to download fish shooting game and participate in making money

If you want to play and download the fish shooting game, you just need to follow these basic steps:

  • Step 1: Search and download the fish shooting game app from your mobile phone’s app store, for example Google Play or App Store.
  • Step 2: Register a game account by creating a quick account via Facebook or entering personal information, phone number and password.
  • Step 3: Top up your game account using supported payment methods, such as scratch cards, bank cards or e-wallets.
  • Step 4: Choose one of the available game rooms, depending on the difficulty level and your bet size.
  • Step 5: Press the shoot button and aim the gun at the fish you want to hunt to play the game. Players can use different types of bullets to increase their hit chance and bonus value.
  • Step 6: At the end of the game, everyone can withdraw the bonus money from the game account to their bank account or e-wallet.


Above are some playgrounds participating in the hot and prestigious fish shooting game today. If you also love fish shooting games Bookmaker New88 You can refer to the above game portals, register an account and enjoy the colorful ocean world. Surely when you play the game and kill a lot of fish, the amount of money you earn is extremely large.

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