What is a clamp? The method of catching lottery balls is a must-know

Lot of clamps This is a highly effective method of prediction, often used by bettors. Players can bet on the next day or keep the 3-day frame. To grasp the lottery, players should read our article carefully to predict the lottery more accurately.

What is the concept of clamping lot?

The sandwich numbers are the numbers located between two identical numbers on the lottery results. This is a relatively special lottery pattern, often appearing in prizes 5 to special prizes of the Northern lottery and from prize 6 to special prizes of the Central lottery and Southern lottery. The clamp lottery method, if kept for 3 days, will bring a very high chance of explosion. For example: Today’s lottery result is number 86281, then number 62 will be the number sandwiched between two numbers 8.

Sometimes there are no lottery numbers on the lottery board, but there are a series of numbers that can bring extremely high chances of winning, especially within 3 days of the lottery appearing.

Some new players often confuse the concept of a bridge with a sandwich between its siblings. For example: Today’s numbers were 53 and 55, but number 54 did not appear and I think this is the lucky number. Investing in this intervening lottery is quite risky because not returning for 2 consecutive days will cause this lottery to fall into scarcity and cause losses for the player.

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Latest method of catching lottery numbers in 2023

To be able to win big prizes thanks to lottery numbers, players first need to learn clearly about how to play Northern lottery to achieve certain results. Below are a few tips for catching lottery numbers for those who want to refer.

Check the lottery with special prizes

This is one of the lottery prediction methods that many players participate and use. But to be more effective, you need to have some additional betting skills and experience. The way to catch a sandwich in a special prize is the way players understand it is caught between each other’s pair of ball numbers.

For example: If the Northern lottery winning result is 67617, choose 61 because it is between two numbers 7. Or you can also choose number 76 because it is between 6 and 1, this is the shadow of each other. .

Lottery prediction and betting every day

According to the experience of experts, players should use clip lottery to play by day:

  • The clamp number, if you pay attention, will often appear in the position between number 2 and number 0
  • The clamp bridge will coincide with many flashing numbers, medium numbers in the previous period and liver numbers.
  • The pairs of clamps found will match the 7th prize.

Cultivate northern clamps correctly

You should remember that, if you want to predict the lottery effectively and get the highest profit, instead of betting during the day, invest capital and start raising the frame. The rate of lots arriving within 2-3 days is higher than appearing immediately after seeing demand. The safest and most effective ratio for raising money to raise lottery numbers is 1:2 if raising the lottery for 2 days and investing capital at the ratio of 1:2:8 if raising the lottery for 3 days.

Play lottery pairs according to the clamp lottery method

As experienced lottery players share, lottery prediction by bridge has a high accuracy rate, even new players can rely on this to calculate. It can be understood that this method is used as follows: If the double number sandwiched between is the number of each other’s balls, you can choose to play the lottery because the probability of exploding is extremely high. For example, if the number 99 is drawn in the middle of 45990, it will have a higher chance of winning than 45995. In addition, if the number is skewed in the middle of the same numbers, the chance of winning will be much higher.

Experience in lottery prediction from experts

In addition to the game rules and betting principles, players also need to learn more experience in playing lottery from experts. Some shared by New 88 summarized as follows:

  • If you won a big prize the previous day, bet smaller the next day, don’t use up all your profits right away.
  • You should not have the mindset that the more you lose, the more you have to play to get your capital back, this makes players fall into trouble and lose themselves.
  • Even if you have abundant capital, you should not bet a large amount of money, you should divide it into small pieces to play lottery.

With the above notes, players can help themselves become professional players in the lottery betting arena.


Above is some information and sharing methods for predicting lottery numbers that New88 wants to bring to you. Hopefully this article can help players win big bonuses and quickly become millionaires.

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